Pewabic Sugar

A mate for a creamer.

This was a project for Pewabic Pottery. I taught a workshop at Pewabic, in which I demonstrated making a model and mold for a small pitcher.  I chose to do a pitcher because it involves several modelmaking techniques- turning the body, sculpting the spout, and carving the handle. To my surprise, they liked the piece and introduced it to their production line. Later, Pewabic asked me to design a small covered bowl to go with the pitcher, to make a sugar/creamer set. Here is the sequence of developing the bowl, from design to models to molds:

Here is the pitcher, along with a design model and the tooling model for the sugar bowl. The piece in the middle is one of about half-a-dozen that I turned on the lathe. I can make small lathe turnings like this  quickly, so I was able to explore and refine the shape directly into 3-D very efficiently. Note also the size difference between the study model (made to fired size) an the tooling model (scaled up to compensate for ceramic shrinkage).

Here are the initial molds made from the model. These molds are used to make a few test samples. Then gypsum cement is cast on them to produce a set of positive master patterns. (In ceramics, that original mold is called the "block mold"; the master pattern is the "case".)


Here are the master patterns, the end product of my part in the project. They are used by the factory's mold shop to produce working molds for slip casting the pottery.


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