Solo Show, Bethlehem Public Library, Collages. 12/2015

A suite of collages with Jokers

Here are the Collages in this show. You can also see the Prints and Drawings here

 "Artist's statement" from my show

Prints, Drawings and Collages

Bethlehem Public Library

December 2015

  These pieces were made over the past several years in my nearby studio, where I pursue my freelance profession as a designer, sculptor, modelmaker, and moldmaker in the ceramic and glass industries. In contrast to this commercial 3-D work in white plaster, I pursue my personal art work in 2-D explorations of imagery and color. 

    In my travels and in daily life, I like to document interesting places and moments with sketches and photographs. I later use these as reference materials to develop prints and drawings such as those in this exhibit.


    The prints are made in the simple, traditional technique of linoleum-block relief printing. They are hand printed, without a press, in small editions. The prints in color required successive printing of up to four separate blocks, one for each color (with occasional hand-coloring)

  The drawings were made with a variety of drawing and painting media. Some pieces were executed on translucent and transparent mylar films. This technique, often used in illustration and animation, allows one to back-paint a drawing to infill colors, and to layer several films to create complex backgrounds.

  The collages are of a different nature. They are in the Surrealist tradition of unlocking the unconscious by generating irrational dreamlike images through "automatic" juxtapositions. The results range from humorous to dark. I'm intrigued by the image of the Joker, so I set myself the assignment of making a suite of collages using joker cards. By working with intense, high-quality colored papers for backgrounds, these collages also became an opportunity explore composition with pure color. 

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Commercial Projects

Studio, Tools, Techniques

Mold Design

Elements in the design of plaster molds for slip-casting

Notes on Ceramics and Design

From the Collection

Objects of interest, mostly ceramic, each with a story to tell.

DM Artwork: Ceramics

DM Artwork

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Solo Show, Bethlehem Public Library, Prints and Drawings, 12/2015

Solo show of Prints, Drawings, and Collages at the Bethlehem (NY) Public Library

Solo Show, Bethlehem Public Library, Collages. 12/2015

A suite of collages with Jokers

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