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Greetings from Zanesville, OH


 1930's-40's postcard from Zanesville, OH 

Waste Molds


Waste molding & casting is a traditional sculpture technique. By sculpting in clay and finishing in plaster, both materials are used to their best advantage.

Turning Plaster on the wheel


Many, if not most, ceramic and glass tableware shapes are round, so naturally much of my work involves turned plaster models.

Running Plaster

100 1073

One of the useful properties of plaster its "period of plasticity".


Commercial Projects

Studio, Tools, Techniques

Mold Design

Elements in the design of plaster molds for slip-casting

Notes on Ceramics and Design

From the Collection

Objects of interest, mostly ceramic, each with a story to tell.

DM Artwork: Ceramics

DM Artwork

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Slipcasting Plates

How to design molds for slipcast plates, platters, shallow bowls and similar forms

Solo Show, Bethlehem Public Library, Prints and Drawings, 12/2015

Solo show of Prints, Drawings, and Collages at the Bethlehem (NY) Public Library

Solo Show, Bethlehem Public Library, Collages. 12/2015

A suite of collages with Jokers

Figure Drawings

A few selections of figure drawings from recent years.

“Rookwood for Mottahedeh” shapes

Three shapes for Rookwood/Mottahedeh

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