Val St. Lambert

Val St. Lambert is a Belgian crystal manufacturer, founded in 1826.

I have modelled many animal sculptures for Val St. Lambert, designed by Katherine De Sousa.  

Katherine designs the pieces, I model them in clay, then I waste-mold and cast them in plaster. Katherine visits my shop for hands-on refinement of both the clay sculpting and the final plasters- an efficient and fun collaboration with a wonderfully professional designer and a great friend. The plaster models then go to France, where a mold maker uses them to create steel molds. These molds then go to Val St. Lambert in Belgium, where they are used to press crystal.

[An anecdote: One day, Katherine and I had spent the morning working on some of these Val St. Lambert animal sculptures, including a pheasant. We took a break to go out to lunch, and driving down the street, a pheasant ran in front of the car. This is the one and only time in 25 years that I've seen a pheasant in my neighborhood. Wow.]

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